What We Do

Consulting Services

Press Relations

Placing relevant articles and online posts about our clients – new products, signature services and projects; working with digital media, consumer publications, newspapers, magazines; building credibility through digital, print and broadcast communications on a national and international basis.

Digital Content Development

Providing relevant and interesting content for clients serving global markets and specific regions; aligning short-term stories with the long-term strategy and narrative that resonates with the audience.

Strategic Planning

Working with management to define a competitive market position; developing an effective plan to ensure customer engagement and loyalty.

Brand Positioning

Developing programs to enhance customer loyalty based on big data, market perception and corporate strategies; creating a unique “niche” in the marketplace for visibility, brand recognition and growth.

Marketing Communications

Designing an integrated communications campaign to deliver and translate key messages; defining effective venues to reach the target audience – digital and social media, events, etc.

Customer Relations Program

Working closely with influencers and key clients to further expand the buying relationship through an analysis of product perception, consumer patterns and metrics.


Planning special events to enhance the customer experience while engaging customers in the brand.

New Media Training

Media is a potent marketing tool and companies are incorporating new media strategies and digital programs in their communications mix. Our highly experienced staff  will provide insight into the world of reporting, digital and social media and how to tell your stories effectively.  We will also share inside knowledge about how journalists think and what they expect from executives in today’s fact-paced and dynamic business landscape.  Our experts will work with you to develop communications points and key messages to help enhance and transform your brand.