What We Do

We are a full-service global communications and public relations firm.  Our services include: press relations, strategic planning, digital marketing, brand positioning, marketing communications, customer relations program and events management. Client engagement is our number one priority and we are committed to developing the best communications and digital solutions in order to maximize client visibility in the marketplace.

Press Relations

We know the right editors, journalists, bloggers, influencers and industry constituents here in the USA, Europe, India, Latin America and beyond. We also know the best way to shape and impact the news cycle to bring attention to clients, their products and services.  We partner with the media on various levels –  industry and consumer publications, newspapers, magazines, digital platforms,  print and broadcast  communications  on a national and international basis, while moving swiftly and staying culturally relevant.

Strategic Planning

Working with management to define a competitive market position and strategy; developing a unique direction for customer engagement to enhance market share and optimization while incorporating digital tactics and new media tools.

Brand Positioning

Developing programs for customer loyalty based on research data, market perception and the organization’s objectives; creating a unique “niche” in the marketplace for visibility, customer engagement, recognition and growth.

Marketing Communications

Designing an integrated communications campaign to deliver and translate key messages; defining effective real-time venues to reach target groups-advertising, special events, digital media,  and other dynamic platforms and channels.

Digital Marketing

We work with brands to shape an intelligent digital marketing strategy to increase relevance, reach and recall.  The digital platform we create is designed to help companies reach the target audience in a meaningful way.  A multi-channel online strategy also strengthens the message (while rising above the chaos!)  and makes the customer the star of every campaign!

Customer Experience Programs

We work with companies and international organizations on specialized and bespoke customer experience programs, both online or offline.  From an analysis of the current customer situation to building a new strategy or plan, we assist teams with this vital marketing effort to enhance long-term engagement while encouraging customer loyalty and advocacy.


Planning industry and special events in order to promote the overall image, product or service while energizing the customer base.

New Media Training

Media is a potent marketing tool and companies are incorporating new media strategies and digital programs in their communications mix. Our highly experienced staff  will provide insight into the world of reporting, digital and social media and how to tell your stories effectively.  We will also share inside knowledge about how journalists think and what they expect from executives in today’s fact-paced and dynamic business landscape.  Our experts will work with you to develop communications points and key messages to help enhance and transform your brand.